At Amante's Photographic Studio our focus is on inspiring you and your families to be creative and to record your fondest memories authentically and imaginatively, by finding out what your aspirations are, and then working towards fulfilling these goals. Our desire is to excite each and every one of you, so that you walk away with a deeper sense of connection with family, friends and/or colleagues, greater confidence, and a piece of art that you can mull over with pride!! Not only will it bring you joy. It will also bring joy to your extended family, for generations to come.

Our ability to print and frame our own images on the premises gives us a great deal of scope for ingenuity, enabling us to create unique pieces of art that suits the lifestyle of each individual. We also have access to a range of businesses that offer alternative printing techniques, such as acrylic, metallic and wooden prints. The options are limitless. It just requires a little bit of imagination!  

Whether your desire is to build a portfolio that reflects the aspirations of your business through visual displays your personal and/or professional story special milestones in your life, such as the celebration of a wedding or a birth the celebration of your love for each other or the creation of gifts, especially at Christmas, graduations and other special events, Amante photography is here to enable you to reach your true potential.

We all pamper ourselves when it comes to eating out, or enjoying a glass of wine or drinking coffee with friends by the beach. How great would it be if we just took the time to celebrate our memories and share these with the world!! Let’s create memories and art!! Let’s get excited together.
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what my clients say

  • Wendy, you are so beyond talented. And best of all, I'm lucky enough to call you "friend! “ Read More
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